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king princess
New Single “Prophet” Creates More Anticipation for King Princess to be Crowned as Cheap Queen

The year’s most anticipated debut record is coming from King Princess, though it still does not have a release date. But Cheap Queen, as it will be called, is already stacking up to be a memorable one, with now its third single revealed ahead of the album. The latest is “Prophet,” a sensual ballad that […]

ioanna gika
Ioanna Gika Releases Godly New LP—Tour With Garbage to Play the Shrine on May 16

When we cannot fathom a situation on our dying planet, in our finite lives, we turn to the gods. Los Angeles musician and songwriter, Ioanna Gika (formerly of Io Echo) just released her new LP named after the goddess of the sea: Thalassa. The title track itself is relatively short, but the jaunt leaps from […]

amanda palmer
Amanda Palmer Makes No Compromises on There Will Be No Intermission LP—See Her at the Ace Theatre on May 11

Amanda Palmer takes no breaks. She also uses no shortcuts, and she rarely compromises. The creative titan has released another album, called There Will Be No Intermission, and it thunders with as much authority as the figure herself. Art was made for each track—all 20 of them—and can be purchased on her website, along with […]

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jubilo drive
Premiere: Sleep Can’t Stop Jubilo Drive on Their New Album Late Night, Early Morning

The sunny quintet that Angelenos may know as Jubilo Drive almost called themselves Thursday Night Taxi Service. It has a neon sheen to it, though band names should not have that many words or letters. The phrase was used by the band’s previous drummer, Eric Cruz, as the title to his college radio show. One […]

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Hot Artist Alert: DeathByRomy brings the ‘Monsters’ to Moroccan Lounge this December

Rising goth pop star DeathByRomy revealed her debut full-length record, Monsters, this past September and it is fierce. The local artist exhibits a wide range of sounds on the album; it begins with Lana Del Rey-like ballads and moves into melodic pop tunes where the bass is turned up to eleven. She will be celebrating […]

Sing Along to HAERTS’ Anthemic New Record at the Moroccan on December 17

For a gut punch of empathy, check out the latest album from German duo HAERTS. The band has origins in Munich, but came to prominence in New York, where they are currently based. Their sophomore record came out earlier this year, and given its themes, New Compassion is an appropriate title. They will be playing […]

Premiere: Trabants Bring Back the Spaghetti Western With New LP, Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia

The last we saw of Trabants, they were playing a set at Echo Park Rising back in August. It turns out that well before then, the band’s leader, Eric Penna, had begun working on a new album. That album, which emulates spaghetti westerns of the 1960’s, is finally finished after a painstaking process, and will […]

HDLSS Dumb It Down With Nuanced Complexity

We currently live in a culture of rabid misinformation. Talking heads try to convince us that our feelings are equivalent to facts. Truth is virtually meaningless. It will take decades to confront and undo these issues, and in all likelihood they will never actually be eradicated. And yet we still must fight, through whatever action […]

On Her Debut LP Ziemba Proves Hope is Both Never and Always

Brooklyn-based René Kladzyk calls herself a child of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). When she was nine, her father’s auto industry job was relocated, moving them from Michigan to El Paso, where he met her stepmother from the neighboring Ciudad Juárez. Her childhood largely informs her music — her abandoned Michigan home was used […]

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Stars At Night Photo
East L.A. rockers Stars At Night share video for “My Way” – record release show at Los Globos

East L.A. rock quartet Stars At Night are bringing something fierce and honest to the table with their new video for “My Way,” the latest single off their sophomore self-titled album which will be unleashed this Friday, May 20th. The band comprised of Irene Quiles (vocals/keyboard), Joana Rubio (drums), Seleste Diaz (guitar), and Elizabeth Banuelos (bass) […]

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